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Stamp Duty in Delhi

Stamp duty payable in Delhi for Will, Indemnity bond, GPA, Special Power of Attorney, Release Deed, Adoption Deed, Partnership Deed, Trust Deed, Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Partition Deed, Mortgage Deed, Lease Deed etc

For Registration and validity of documents in Delhi stamp duty is payable to the government. The following is the rate of stamp duty payable in Delhi for different documents and works.


Type of Document Stamp Paper Value
Sale Deed Female 4% Male 6%
Gift Deed Female 4% Male 6%
Lease Deed 2% up to 5 years, 3% 5-10 Year
Indemnity Bond Rs. 100
General Power of Attorney (GPA) Rs. 50
Special Power of Attorney (SPA) Rs. 20
Release Deed Rs. 100
Adoption Deed Rs. 50
Partnership Deed 1%
Trust Deed 3%
Partition Deed 2%
Mortgage Deed 2%
Will Nil

Note: % shown are  percentage of the amount set forth or the consideration agreed in the respective document.




Sale Deed

Sale Deed, final deed or conveyance deed is an instrument in writing which legally transfers the ownership right of a property from one person to another for money or consideration paid. It is compulsory to register sale Deed. Stamp duty for Registration of Sale Deed in the name of women is lesser i.e. 4% and for men it higher i.e. 6%.


Gift Deed

Gift Deed is a document which recorded the act of giving gift and executed between the Donor (The person who gave gift) and the Donee (The Person who received Gift). It is Compulsory to register Gift Deed to transfer the asset in the name of Donee. tamp duty to Register Gift Deed in the name of women is lesser i.e. 4% and for men it higher i.e. 6%.


Lease Deed

Lease Deed is a document preparing to least out a property for a specific period under prescribed terms and conditions. Lease Deed for more than 12 months are required to be registered.


Indemnity Bond

Indemnity Bond is the document with assurance to the holder to compensate against any possible loss. It protects the holder from any future loss.


General Power of Attorney GPA

GPA is a legal document authorizing the holder (Agent) by the Principal to on his behalf. GPA is useful when the Principal is unable to make decision or not able to physically present in a place.


Special Power of Attorney (SPA)

SPA is the document grants specific authority to the agent to act in the capacity of Principal. The person who delegates power is called Principal or Grantor and the person who is authorized is called as Agent.


Release Deed

Release Deed is a document which removes previous claim on an asset. e.g. release from mortgage.




Adoption Deed

Adoption Deed is the document signed by adoptive parents and natural parents for adoption of a child. Registration is not compulsory for adoption Deed.


Partnership Deed

A Partnership Deed is an agreement between Partners which contains the terms and conditions of Partnership between Partners. Registration is not compulsory for Partnership Deed. But an unregistered Partnership Firm cannot sue in a court of law in case of any legal dispute.


Trust Deed

As per Section 3 of Indian Trust Act a Trust is an obligation attached to the ownership of the property out of confidence reposed in and accepted by the owner or declared and accepted by him for the benefit of another.


Partition Deed

Partition Deed is prepared to divide property among different people. It is prepared by dividing the property according to the shares which each party is entitled. Normally it is prepared among family members.


Mortgage Deed

Mortgage Deed is the property prepared to provide the lender with interest and legal rights over a property. Mortgage Deed contains the terms and conditions about mortgage of property.



Will is a written document legally executed by person for disposition of his or her property after death. It is the declaration of wishes of a person regarding disposal of his or her property or estate after death. A will need not be registered. But the will should be signed by the witnesses with their details.


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