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Section 22 Appeal to Supreme Court Section 23 Cost - National Green Tribunal Act 2010

How to file Appeal to Supreme Court? What are Cost? - Section 22 and 23 of NGT Act 2010

Appeal to Supreme Court and cost are defined under section 22 and 23 of National Green Tribunal Act 2010. Provisions under these Sections are :



Section 22 of National Green Tribunal Act 2010 "Appeal to Supreme Court"

Any person aggrieved by any award, decision or order of the Tribunal, may, file an appeal to the Supreme Court, within ninety days from the date of communication of the award, decision or order of the Tribunal, to him, on any one or more of the grounds specified in section 100 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908):

Provided that the Supreme Court may entertain any appeal after the expiry of ninety days, if it is satisfied that the appellant was prevented by sufficient cause from preferring the appeal.


Section 23 of National Green Tribunal Act 2010 "Cost"

23. (1) While disposing of an application or an appeal under this Act, the Tribunal shall have power to make such order as to costs, as it may consider necessary.

(2) Where the Tribunal holds that a claim is not maintainable, or is false or vexatious, and such claim is disallowed, in whole or in part, the Tribunal may, if it so thinks fit, after recording its reasons for holding such claim to be false or vexatious, make an order to award costs, including lost benefits due to any interim injunction.


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