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What is Bar of limitation? Section 3 of Limitation Act 1963

Bar of limitation is defined under section 3 of Limitation Act 1963. Provisions under this section is:


Section 3 of Limitation Act "Bar of limitation"

(1) Subject to the provisions contained in sections 4 to 24 (inclusive) every suit instituted, appeal preferred, and application made after the prescribed period shall be dismissed although limitation has not been set up as defense;



1. For the purposes of this Act,
1. a suit is instituted, in an ordinary case, when the plaint is presented to the proper officer;
2. the case of a pauper, when his application for leave to sue is a pauper is made; and

3. the case of a claim against a company which is being wound up by the court, when the claimant first sends in his claim to the official liquidator;

1. any claim by way of a set-off or a counter claim, shall be treated as a separate suit and shall be deemed to have been instituted-

2. in the case of a set-off, on the dame date as the suit in which the set off is pleaded;

3. in the case a counter claim, on the date on which the counter claim is made in court;

1. an application by notice of motion in a High Court is made when the application is presented to the proper officer of that court;


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