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Section 8 Land to be marked out, measured and planned Section 9 Notice to persons interested  - Land Acquisition Act 1894

Should Land to be marked out, measured and planned? Is it compulsory to give Notice to persons interested? Section 8 and 9 of of Land Acquisition Act 1894

Land to be marked out, measured and planned and Notice to persons interested  are defined under section 8 and 9 of Land Acquisition Act 1894. Provisions under these Sections are:



Section 8 of Land Acquisition Act 1894 "Land to be marked out, measured and planned"

The Collector shall thereupon cause the land (unless it has been already marked out under section 4 ) to be marked out. He shall also cause it to be measured, and if no plan has been made thereof , a plan to be made of the same.


Section 9 of Land Acquisition Act 1894 "Notice to persons interested"

(1) The Collector shall then cause public notice to be given at convenient places on or near the land to be taken, stating that the Government intends to take possession of the land, and that claims to compensation for all interests in such land may be made to him.

(2) Such notice shall state the particulars of the land so needed, and shall require all persons interested in the land to appear personally or by agent before the Collector at a time and place therein mentioned (such time not being earlier than fifteen days after the date of publication of the notice), and to state the nature of their respective interests in the land and the amount and particulars of their claims to compensation for such interests, and their objections (if any) to the measurements made under section 8. The Collector may in any case require such statement to be made in writing and signed by the party or his agent.

(3) The Collector shall also serve notice to the same effect on the occupier (if any) of such land and on all such persons known or believed to be interested therein, or to be entitled to act for persons so interested, as reside or have agents authorised to receive service on their behalf, within the revenue-district in which the land is situate.

(4) In case any person so interested resides elsewhere, and has no such agent, the notice shall be sent to him by post in a letter addressed to him at his last known residence, address or place of business and registered under sections 28 and 29 of the Indian Post Office Act, 1898 (6 of 1898).



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