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Section 30 Disputes as to apportionment, Section 31 Payment of compensation or deposit of same in Court - Land Acquisition Act 1894

What is Disputes as to apportionment? What is the rule regarding Payment of compensation or deposit of same in Court? Section 30 and 31 of Land Acquisition Act 1894

Disputes as to apportionment and Payment of compensation or deposit of same in Court are defined under section 30 and 31 of Land Acquisition Act 1894. Provisions under these Sections are:



Section 30 of Land Acquisition Act 1894 "Disputes as to apportionment"

When the amount of compensation has been settled under section 11, if any dispute arises as to the apportionment of the same or any part thereof, or as to the persons to whom the same to any part thereof is payable, the Collector may refer such dispute to the decision of the Court.


Section 31 of Land Acquisition Act 1894 "Payment of compensation or deposit of same in Court"

(1) On making an award under section 11, the Collector shall tender payment of the compensation awarded by him to the persons interested entitled thereto according to the award and shall pay it to them unless prevented by someone or more of the contingencies mentioned in the next sub-section.

(2) If they shall not consent to receive it, or if there be no person competent to alienate the land, or if there be any dispute as to the title to receive the compensation or as to the apportionment of it, the Collector shall deposit the amount of the compensation in the Court to which a reference under section 18 would be submitted :

Provided that any person admitted to be interested may receive such payment under protest as to the sufficiency of the amount:
Provided also that no person who has received the amount otherwise than under protest shall be entitled to make any application under section 18:

Provided also that nothing herein contained shall affect the liability of any person, who may receive the whole or any part of any compensation awarded under this Act, to pay the same to the person lawfully entitled thereto.

(3) Notwithstanding anything in this section the Collector may, with the sanction of the appropriate Government instead of awarding a money compensation in respect of any land, make any arrangement with a person having a limited interest in such land, either by the grant of other lands in exchange, the remission of land revenue on other lands under the same title, or in such other way as may be equitable having regard to the interest of the parties concerned.

(4) Nothing in the last foregoing sub-section shall be construed to interfere with or limit the power of the Collector to enter into any arrangement with any person interested in the land and competent to contract in respect thereof.


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