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Third Schedule - The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013

The Third Schedule

[See Sections 33(2), 39(1) and 106(3)]

Provision of Infrastructural Amenities

For resettlement of populations, the following infrastructural facilities and basic minimum amenities are to be provided at the cost of the Requisitioning Authority to ensure that the resettled population in the new village or colony can secure for themselves a reasonable standard of community life and can attempt to minimise the trauma involved in displacement.

A reasonably habitable and planned settlement would have, as a minimum, the following facilities and resources, as appropriate:



Serial number

Component of infrastructure amenities provided/proposed to be provided by the acquirer of land

Details of infrastructure amenities provided by the acquirer of land


Roads within the resettled villages and an all-weather road link to the nearest pucca road, passages and easement rights for all the resettled families be adequately arranged.



Proper drainage as well as sanitation plans executed before physical resettlement.



One or more assured sources of safe drinking water for each family as per the norms prescribed by the Government of India.



Provision of drinking water for cattle.



Grazing land as per proportion acceptable in the State.



A reasonable number of Fair Price Shops.



Panchayat Ghars, as appropriate



Village level Post Offices, as appropriate, with facilities for opening saving accounts.



Appropriate seed-cum-fertilizer storage facility if needed.



Efforts must be made to provide basic irrigation facilities to the agricultural land allocated to the resettled families if not from the irrigation project, then by developing a cooperative or under some Government scheme or special assistance



All new villages established for resettlement of the displaced persons shall be provided with suitable transport facility which must include public transport facilities through local bus services with the nearby growth centres/urban localities.



Burial or cremation ground, depending on the caste communities at the site and their practices



Facilities for sanitation, including individual toilet points.



Individual single electric connections (or connection through non-conventional sources of energy like solar energy), for each household and for public lighting.



Anganwadi's providing child and mother supplemental nutritional services.



School as per the provisions of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 (35 of 2009);



Sub-health centre within two kilometres range.



Primary Health Centre as prescribed by the Government of India.



Playground for children



One community centre for every hundred families



Places of worship and chowpal/tree platform for every fifty families for community assembly, of numbers and dimensions consonant with the affected area.



Separate land must be earmarked for traditional tribal institutions



The forest dweller families must be provided, where possible, with their forest rights on non-timber forest produce and common property resources, if available close to the new place of settlement and, in case any such family can continue their access or entry to such forest or common property in the area close to the place of eviction, they must continue to enjoy their earlier rights to the aforesaid sources of livelihood.



Appropriate security arrangements must be provided for the settlement, if needed.



Veterinary service centre as per norms.


Note: 1. Details of each component of infrastructural amenities mentioned under column (2) against serial numbers 1 to 25 should be indicated by the acquirer of land


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