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Section 210 : Registration of information utility

(1) Every application for registration shall be made to the Board in such form and manner, containing such particulars, and accompanied by such fee, as may be specified by regulations:

Provided that every application received by the Board shall be acknowledged within seven days of its receipt.

(2) On receipt of the application under sub-section (1), the Board may, on being satisfied that the application conforms to all requirements specified under sub-section (1), grant a certificate of registration to the applicant or else, reject, by order, such application.

(3) The Board may issue a certificate of registration to the applicant in such form and manner and subject to such terms and conditions as may be specified.

(4) The Board may renew the certificate of registration from time to time in such manner and on payment of such fee as may be specified by regulations.

(5) The Board may, by order, suspend or cancel the certificate of registration granted to an information utility on any of the following grounds, namely:-

(a) that it has obtained registration by making a false statement or misrepresentation or any other unlawful means;

(b) that it has failed to comply with the requirements of the regulations made by the Board;

(c) that it has contravened any of the provisions of the Act or the rules or the regulations made thereunder;

(d) on any other ground as may be specified by regulations:

Provided that no order shall be made under this sub-section unless the information utility concerned has been given a reasonable opportunity of being heard:

Provided further that no such order shall be passed by any member except whole-time members of the Board.


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