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Section 134 : Conduct of meeting of creditors

(1) The bankruptcy trustee shall be the convener of the meeting of the creditors summoned under section 133.

(2) The bankruptcy trustee shall decide the quorum for the meeting of the creditors, and conduct the meeting only if the quorum is present.

(3) The following business shall be conducted in the meeting of the creditors in which regard a resolution may be passed, namely:-

(a) the establishment of a committee of creditors;

(b) any other business that the bankruptcy trustee thinks fit to be transacted.

(4) The bankruptcy trustee shall cause the minutes of the meeting of the creditors to be recorded, signed and retained as a part of the records of the bankruptcy process.

(5) The bankruptcy trustee shall not adjourn the meeting of the creditors for any purpose for more than seven days at a time.

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