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What is Circuit Benches? What is the Procedure applicable to State Commissions? Section 17B and 18 of Consumer Protection Act 1986

Circuit Benches and Procedure applicable to State Commissions are defined under section 17B and 18 of Consumer Protection Act 1986. Provisions under these Sections are:

Section 17B of Consumer Protection Act "Circuit Benches"

Section 17B. The State Commission shall ordinarily function in the State Capital but may perform its functions at such other place as the State Government may, in consultation with the State Commission, notify in the Official Gazette, from time to time.


Section 18 of Consumer Protection Act "Procedure applicable to State Commissions"

Section 18. The provisions of sections 12, 13 and 14 and the rules made thereunder for the disposal of complaints by the District Forum shall, with such modifications as may be necessary, be applicable to the disposal of disputes by the State Commission.

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