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What is the Equal justice and free legal aid? What is Organization of village panchayats? Article 39A and 40 of Constitution of India, 1949

Equal justice and free legal aid and Organization of village panchayats are defined under Article 39A and 40 of Constitution of India 1949. Provisions under these Articles are:



Article 39A of Constitution of India "Equal justice and free legal aid"

The State shall secure that the operation of the legal system promotes justice, on a basis of equal opportunity, and shall, in particular, provide free legal aid, by suitable legislation or schemes or in any other way, to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disabilities.


Article 40 of Constitution of India "Organization of village panchayats"

The State shall take steps to organize village panchayats and endow them with such powers and authority as may be necessary to enable them to function as units of self-government.


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