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Section 31 of Code on Wages 2019 : Payment of bonus out of allocable surplus

31. (1) The bonus shall be paid out of the allocable surplus which shall be an amount equal to sixty per cent. in case of a banking company and sixty-seven per cent. in case of other establishment, of the available surplus and the available surplus shall be the amount calculated in accordance with section 33.

(2) Audited accounts of companies shall not normally be questioned.

(3) Where there is any dispute regarding the quantum of bonus, the authority notified by the appropriate Government having jurisdiction may call upon the employer to produce the balance sheet before it, but the authority shall not disclose any information contained in the balance sheet unless agreed to by the employer.


Section 32 Computation of gross profits

32. The gross profits derived by an employer from an establishment in respect of the accounting year shall,-- 



(a) in the case of a banking company, be calculated in the manner as may be prescribed by the Central Government;

(b) in any other case, be calculated in the manner as may be prescribed by the Central Government.

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