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What is Partial exemption of agricultural produce? What is Seizure of property in dwelling-house? Section 61 and 62 of Code of Civil Procedure 1908

Partial exemption of agricultural produce and Seizure of property in dwelling-house  are defined under Section 61 and 62 of Code of Civil Procedure 1908. Provisions under these Sections are:


Section 61 of Code of Civil Procedure 1908 "Partial exemption of agricultural produce"

The State Government may, by general or special order published in the Official Gazette, declare that such portion of agricultural produce, or of any class of agricultural produce, as may appear to the State Government to be necessary for the purpose of providing until the next harvest the due cultivation of the land and for the support of the judgment-debtor and his family, shall, in the case of all agriculturists or of any class of agriculturists, be exempted from liability to attachment or sale in exaction of a decree.


Section 62 of Code of Civil Procedure 1908 "Seizure of property in dwelling-house"
(1) No person executing any process under this Code directing or authorizing seizure of movable property shall enter any dwelling-house after sunset and before sunrise.

(2) No outer door of a dwelling-house shall be broken open unless such dwelling-house is in the occupancy of the judgment-debtor and he refuses or in any way prevents access thereto, but when the person executing any such process has duly gained access to any dwelling-house, he may break open the door of any room in which he has reason to believe any such property to be.

(3) Where a room in a dwelling-house is in the actual occupancy of a woman who, according to the customs of the country, does not appear in public, the person executing the process shall give notice to such woman that she is at liberty to withdraw; and, after allowing reasonable time for her to withdraw and giving her reasonable facility for withdrawing, he may enter such room for the purpose of seizing the property, using at the same time every precaution, consistent with these provisions, to prevent its clandestine removal.


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