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Section 41 of Advocates Act 1961 - Alteration in roll of advocates

What is Alteration in roll of advocates? Section 41 of Advocates Act, 1961


Section 41 : Alteration in roll of advocates

(1) Where an order is made under this chapter reprimanding or suspending an advocate, a record of the punishment shall be entered against his name:

(a) in the case of an advocate whose name is entered in a State roll, in that roll;

(b) [Omitted by Act 60 of 1973]

anywhere any order is made removing an advocate from practice, his name shall be struck off the State roll.

(2) [Omitted by Act 60 of 1973]

(3) Where any advocate is suspended or removed from practice, the certificate granted to him under section 22, in respect of his enrolment shall be recalled.

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