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Section 155 IPC Liability of person for whose benefit riot is committed

Section 155 of Indian Penal Code 1860 : Liability of person for whose benefit riot is committed

Whenever a riot is committed for the benefit or on behalf of any person who is the owner or occupier of any land respecting which such riot takes place or who claims any interest in such land, or in the subject of any dispute which gave rise to the riot, or who has accepted or derived any benefit therefrom, such person shall be punishable with fine, if he or his agent or manager, having reason to believe that such riot was likely to be committed or that the unlawful assembly by which such riot was committed was likely to be held, shall not respectively use all lawful means in his or their power to prevent such assembly or riot from taking place, and for suppressing and dispersing the same.




Indian Penal Code 1860

Section 149 Every member of unlawful assembly guilty of offence committed in prosecution of common object

Section 150 Hiring, or conniving at hiring, of persons to join unlawful assembly

Section 151 Knowingly joining or continuing in assembly of five or more persons after it has been commanded to disperse

Section 152 Assaulting or obstructing public servant when suppressing riot, etc

Section 153 Wantonly giving provocation, with intent to cause riot

Section 153A Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence

Section 153AA Punishment for knowingly carrying arms in any procession or organizing, or holding or taking part in any mass drill or mass training with arms

Section 153B Imputation, assertions prejudicial to national-integration

Section 154 Owner or occupier of land on which an unlawful assembly is held

Section 155 Liability of person for whose benefit riot is committed

Section 156  Liability of agent of owner or occupier for whose benefit riot is committed

Section 157 Harbouring persons hired for an unlawful assembly

Section 158 Being hired to take part in an unlawful assembly or riot; or to go armed

Section 159 Affray

Section 160 Punishment for committing affray

Section 166 Public servant disobeying law, with intent to cause injury to any person

Section 166A Public servant disobeying direction under law

Section 166B Punishment for non-treatment of victim

Section 167 Public servant framing an incorrect document with intent to cause injury

Section 168 Public servant unlawfully engaging in trade

Section 169 Public servant unlawfully buying or bidding for property

Section 170 Personating a public servant

Section 171 Wearing garb or carrying token used by public servant with fraudulent intent

Section 171A Candidate Electoral right defined

Section 171B Bribery

Section 171C Undue influence at elections

Section 171D Personation at elections

Section 171E Punishment for bribery

Section 171F Punishment for undue influence or personation at an election

Section 171G False statement in connection with an election

Section 171H Illegal payments in connection with an election

Section 171I Failure to keep election accounts

Section 172 Absconding to avoid service of summons of other proceeding

Section 173 Absconding to avoid service of summons of other proceeding

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