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Section 11 IPC Person

Section 11 of Indian Penal Code 1860 : Person

The word "person" includes any Company or Association or body of persons, whether incorporated or not.





Indian Penal Code 1860

Section 1 Title and extent of operation of the Code

Section 2 Punishment of offences committed within India

Section 3 Punishment of offences committed beyond, but which by law may be tried within, India

Section 4 Extension of Code to extra-territorial offences

Section 5 Certain laws not to be affected by this Act

Section 6  Definitions in the Code to be understood subject to exceptions

Section 7 Sense of expression once explained

Section 8 Gender

Section 9 Number

Section 10 Man Woman

Section 11 Person

Section 12 Public

Section 14 Servant of Government

Section 17 Government

Section 18 India

Section 19 Judge

Section 20 Court of Justice

Section 21 Public servant

Section 22 Moveable property

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