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Section 341 to 380 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Liability under sections 339 and 340 to extend to partners or directors in firms or companies What is Prosecution of delinquent officers and members of company Section 341 and 342 of Indian Companies Act 2013

Company Liquidator to exercise certain powers subject to sanction. What is Statement that company is in liquidation Section 343 and 344 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is the meaning of Books and papers of company to be evidence What is inspection of books and papers by creditors and contributories Section 345 and 346 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Disposal of books and papers of company What is Information as to pending liquidations Section 347 and 348 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is the meaning of Official Liquidator to make payments into public account of India What is Company Liquidator to deposit monies into scheduled bank Section 349 and 350 of Indian Companies Act 2013


What is Liquidator not to deposit monies into private banking account What is Company Liquidation Dividend and Undistributed Assets Account Section 351 and 352 of Indian Companies Act 2013

Liquidator to make returns, etc What is Meetings to ascertain wishes of creditors or contributories Section 353 and 354 of Indian Companies Act 2013

Court, tribunal or person, etc., before whom affidavit may be sworn What are the Powers of Tribunal to declare dissolution of company void Section 355 and 356 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Commencement of winding up by Tribunal What is Exclusion of certain time in computing period of limitation Section 357 and 358 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Appointment of Official Liquidator What are the Powers and functions of Official Liquidator Section 359 and 360 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is summary procedure for liquidation What is sale of assets and recovery of debts due to company Section 361 and 362 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Settlement of claims of creditors by Official Liquidator What is Appeal by creditor Section 363 and 364 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Order of dissolution of company Companies capable of being registered. Section 365 and 366 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Certificate of registration of existing companies What is Vesting of property on registration Section 367 and 368 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Saving of existing liabilities What is Continuation of pending legal proceedings Section 369 and 370 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Effect of registration under this Part What is Power of Court to stay or restrain proceedings Section 371 and 372 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Suits stayed on winding up order What is Obligations of companies registering under this Part Section 373 and 374 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Winding up of unregistered companies What is Power to wind up foreign companies, although dissolved Section 375 and 376 of Indian Companies Act 2013

What is Provisions of Chapter cumulative What is Saving and construction of enactments conferring power to wind up partnership firm, association or company, etc., in certain cases Section 377 and 378 of Indian Companies Act 2013

Section 378A Definitions

Section 378B Objects of producer company

Section 378C Formation of Producer Company and its registration

Section 378D Membership and voting rights of Members of Producer Company

Section 378E Benefits to Members

Section 378F Memorandum of Producer Company

Section 378G Articles of association

Section 378H Amendment of memorandum

Section 378I Amendment of articles

Section 378J Option to inter-State co-operative societies to become Producer Companies

Section 378K Effect of incorporation of Producer Company

Section 378L Vesting of undertaking in Producer Company

Section 378M Concession, etc., to be deemed to have been granted to Producer Company

Section 378N Provisions in respect of officers and other employees of inter-State co-operative society

Section 378O Number of directors

Section 378P Appointment of directors

Section 378Q Vacation of office by directors

Section 378R Powers and functions of Board

Section 378S Matters to be transacted at general meeting

Section 378T Liability of directors

Section 378U Committee of directors

Section 378V Meetings of Board and quorum

Section 378W Chief Executive and his functions

Section 378X Secretary of Producer Company

Section 378Y Quorum, 378Z Voting Rights

Section 378ZA Annual general meetings

Section 378ZB Share capital

Section 378ZC Special user rights

Section 378ZD Transferability of shares and attendant rights

Section 378ZE Books of account

Section 378ZF Internal audit

Section 378ZG Duties of auditor under this Chapter

Section 378ZH Donation or subscription by Producer Company

Section 378ZI General and other reserves

Section 378ZJ Issue of bonus shares

Section 378ZK Loan, etc., to Members

Section 378ZL  Investment in other companies, formation of subsidiaries, etc

Section 378ZM Penalty for contravention

Section 378ZN Amalgamation, merger or division, etc., to form new Producer Companies

Section 378ZO Disputes

Section 378ZP Strike off name of Producer Company

Section 378ZQ Provisions of this Chapter to override other laws

Section 378ZR Application of provisions relating to private companies

Section 378ZS Re-conversion of Producer Company to inter-State co-operative society

Section 378ZT Power to modify Act in its application to Producer Companies

Section 378ZU Power to Make Rules

What is Application of Act to foreign companies What is Documents, etc., to be delivered to Registrar by foreign companies Section 379 and 380 of Indian Companies Act 2013


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