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Which are the forms to be filed with the Registrar of Companies under Indian Companies Act 2013 in case of change in Company information Forms for change in Company information.

In case of change in Company information intimation is to be given to the Registrar of company in the prescribed from within the specific time limit. Different types of forms to be filed with the Registrar of Companies in case of change in company information are:


Intimation regarding change in Managing Director, Directors, Manager, CFO, CEO, and Company Secretary

A company can intimate changes among managing director, directors, manager and secretary of a company by filing Form No. DIR-12 with ROC within 30 days from date of such change takes place.


Change in Company Name

In order to change company name, Form INC-1 is required to file for name approval.
After the name gets approved, applicant is required to file form MGT-14 (necessary resolution for alteration of MOA and AOA) and form INC-24 to give effect to change in name.


Change in Object clause of Memorandum of Association
In case company wants to change its object clause, it can do so by filling passing necessary resolution and the same needs to be filed in Form MGT-14.

Change in Registered Office of a Company

In case company wants to change its registered office within local limits of the same city or place, intimation regarding the same has to be filed in Form INC-22.

Similarly, if company wishes to shift or change its registered office outside local limits of city, town or village, Form MGT-14 and Form INC-22 are required to be filed to ROC to give effect to such change.

In case, company wants to shift the registered office from one state to another state or from jurisdiction of one RoC to another, it needs to file following forms to give effect to such change. These forms are:
1)Form MGT-14
2) File application with Central Government in Form No. INC-23
3) Form INC-28
4) Form INC-22

Increase Authorized Capital of the Company

A company can increase its authorized capital by filing Form SH-7. Similarly, subscribed capital and paid up capital of the company gets increased on filing and approval of Form PAS-3 (Return of allotment of shares).


Conversion of Public Company into a Private Company

A public company can convert itself in to a private company by filing Form MGT-14 (Alteration of MOA and AOA) and approval of Form INC-27.


Conversion of Private Company into a Public Company

A Private company can convert itself in to a Public company by filing Form MGT-14 for registration of such resolution passed by the company (Alteration of MOA and AOA) and filing of Form INC-27.


Registration of Charge other than those related to Debentures

In case you want to register a charge or make modification in registered charges (other than those related to debentures), you need to file Form CHG-1 for registration or modification of a registered charge.


Report Repayment or satisfaction of Registered Charge

In case you want to report repayment or satisfaction of registered charges, you need to file Form CHG-4 (satisfaction of charge). This form is applicable for both the type of charges.


Change information of a Foreign Company

A foreign company can change its information by filing Form FC-2 and Form FC-3. Form FC-2 is required when there is -
- Alteration in the charter, statute or memorandum and articles of association,
- Alteration in Address of the registered or principal office
- Alteration in directors and secretary of a foreign company.

Similarly, Form FC-3 is required to give notice in case of -
(A) Alteration in the address of principal place of business in India of a foreign company
(B) Annual accounts and list of places of business established in India by a foreign company

(C) Cessation to have a place of business in India.


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