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What is Conviction on plea of guilty, Date for prosecution, What is evidence, What is Evidence for prosecution? What is Acquittal? Section 229,230,231 and 232 of Code of Criminal Procedure 1973

Conviction on plea of guilty, Date for prosecution, evidence, Evidence for prosecution and Acquittal are defined under Section 229, 230, 231 and 232 of CRPC 1973. Provisions under these sections are:


Section 229 of CRPC "Conviction on plea of guilty"

If the accused pleads guilty, the Judge shall record the plea and may, in his discretion, convict him thereon.




Section 230 of CRPC "Date for prosecution evidence"

If the accused refuses to plead, or does not plead, or claims to be tried or is not convicted under section 229, the Judge shall fix a date for the examination of witnesses, and may, on the application of the prosecution, issue any process for compelling the attendance of any witness or the production of any document or other thing.


Section 231 of CRPC "Evidence for prosecution"
(1) On the date so fixed, the Judge shall proceed to take all such evidence as may be produced in support of the prosecution.

(2) The Judge may, in his discretion, permit the cross-examination of any witness to be deferred until any other witness or witnesses have been examined or recall any witness for further cross-examination.


Section 232 of CRPC "Acquittal"

If, after taking the evidence for the prosecution, examining the accused and hearing the prosecution and the defence on the point, the Judge considers that there is no evidence that the accused committed the offence, the Judge shall record an order of acquittal.

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