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Section 105J of CrPC : Certain transfers to be null and void

Section 105J of Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 - Certain transfers to be null and void

Where after the making of an order under subsection (1) of section 105E or the issue of a notice under section 105G, any property referred to in the said order or notice is transferred by any mode whatsoever such transfers shall, for the purposes of the proceedings under this Chapter, be ignored and if such property is subsequently forfeited to the Central Government under section 105H, then, the transfer of such property shall be deemed to be null and void. 



Code of Criminal Procedure 1973

Section 105A Definitions

Section 105B Assistance in securing transfer of persons

Section 105C Assistance in relation to orders of attachment or forfeiture of property

Section 105D Identifying unlawfully acquired property

Section 105E Seizure or attachment of property

Section 105F Management of properties seized or forfeited under this Chapter

Section 105G Notice of forfeiture of property

Section 105H Forfeiture of property in certain cases

Section 105I Fine in lieu of forfeiture

Section 105J Certain transfers to be null and void

Section 105K Procedure in respect of letter of request

Section 105L Application of this Chapter

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