Section 51 - Appointment of special auditors by Government, Section 52 - Powers and duties of auditors : RBI Act 1934



What is the procedure for Appointment of special auditors by Government? What are the Powers and duties of auditors? Section 51 and 52 of Reserve Bank of India Act 1934

Section 51 of RBI Act 1934 : "Appointment of special auditors by Government"

Without prejudice to anything contained in section 50, the Central Government may at any time appoint the Comptroller and Auditor General to examine and report upon the accounts of the Bank.


Section 52 of RBI Act 1934: "Appointment of special auditors by Government"

(1) Every auditor shall be supplied with a copy of the annual balance-sheet, and it shall be his duty to examine the same, together with the accounts and vouchers relating thereto ; and every auditor shall have a list delivered to him of all books kept by the Bank, and shall at all reasonable times have access to the books, accounts and other documents of the Bank, and may, at the expense of the Bank, employ accountants or other persons to assist him in investigating such accounts, and may, in relation to such accounts, examine any Director or officer of the Bank.

(2) The auditors shall make a report to the Central Government upon the annual balance-sheet and accounts, and in every such report they shall state whether, in their opinion, the balance-sheet is a full and fair balance-sheet containing all necessary particulars and properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the State of the Bank's affairs, and, in case they have called for any explanation or information from the Central Board, whether it has been given and whether it is satisfactory.


RBI ACT 1934

Section 51 - Appointment of special auditors by Government

Section 52 - Powers and duties of auditors

Section 53 - Returns

Section 54 - Rural Credit and Development



Section 54A - Delegation of powers

Section 54AA - Power of bank to depute its employees to other institutions

Section 57 - Liquidation of the Bank

Section 58 - Power of the Central Board to make regulations

Section 58A - Protection of action taken in good faith

Section 58B - Penalties



Section Section 58C -Offences by companies

Section 58D - Application of section 58B barred

Section 58E - Cognizance of offences

Section 58F - Application of fine



Section 58G - Power of Bank to impose fine

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