Section 81 Temporary occupation of waste or arable land procedure when difference as to compensation exists

Section 82 Power to enter and take possession and compensation on restoration

Section 83 difference as to condition of land



Section 84 punishment for false information, mala fide action etc

Section 85 Penalty for contravention of provisions of act



Section 86 Offences by Companies

Section 87 Offences by Government Departments

Section 88 Cognizance of offences by court

Section 89 Offences to be non cognizable

Section 90 Offences to be cognizable only on complaint filed by certain persons

Section 94 Acquisition of part of house or building - The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013

Acquisition of part of house or building - Section 94 of Land Acquisition Act 2013


Acquisition of part of house or building is defined under section 94 of Land Acquisition Act 2013. Provisions under this Section is :

Section 94 of Land Acquisition Act 2013 "Acquisition of part of house or building"

(1) The provisions of this Act shall not be put in force for the purpose of acquiring a part only of any house, manufactory or other building, if the owner desires that the whole of such house, manufactory or building shall be so acquired:

Provided that, if any question shall arise as to whether any land proposed to be taken under this Act does or does not form part of a house, manufactory or building within the meaning of this section, the Collector shall refer the determination of such question to the Authority concerned and shall not be taken possession of such land until after the question has been determined.

(2) In deciding on such a reference made under the proviso to sub-section (1), the Authority concerned shall have regard to the question whether the land proposed to be taken, is reasonably required for the full and unimpaired use of the house, manufactory or building.

(3) If, in the case of any claim under this Act, by a person interested, on account of the severing of the land to be acquired from his other land, the appropriate Government is of opinion that the claim is unreasonable or excessive, it may, at any time before the Collector has made his award, order the acquisition of the whole of the land of which the land first sought to be acquired forms a part.

(4) In the case of any acquisition of land so required no fresh declaration or other proceedings under sections 11 to 19, (both inclusive) shall be necessary; but the Collector shall without delay furnish a copy of the order of the appropriate Government to the person interested, and shall thereafter proceed to make his award under section 23.




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