Section 21 Power to call for information - The Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act 2016

What is the law regarding Power to call for information? Section 21 of The BTP (Prohibition) Amendment Act 2016

Section 21 : Power to call for information

(1) The Initiating Officer or the Approving Authority or the Adjudicating Authority shall have power to require any officer of the Central Government or State Government or a local body or any person or officer who is responsible for registering and maintaining books of account or other documents containing a record of any transaction relating to any property or any other person to furnish any information in relation to any person, point or matter as in his opinion shall be useful for or relevant for the purposes of this Act.


(2) Without prejudice to sub-section (1), every officer or person referred to in sub-section (1) shall furnish such information to any authority under this Act in such form and manner as may be prescribed.





Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act, 2016

Section 21 Power to call for information

Section 22 Power of authority to impound documents

Section 23 Power of authority to conduct inquiry, etc


Section 24 Notice and attachment of property involved in benami transaction

Section 25 Manner of service of notice

Section 26 Adjudication of benami property

Section 27 Confiscation and vesting of benami property

Section 28 Management of properties confiscated

Section 29 Possession of the property


Section 30 Establishment of Appellate Tribunal

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