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Check Consumer Court case Status online. NCDRC, State Commission, Consumer Forum

How to Check Consumer case status online. Track Consumer Complaint status of NCDRC (National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission), State Commission, and District Consumer Forums through internet easily by following simple steps. Steps to check status of consumer complaints in District Forums, State Commission and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in India.

Consumer complaint status of National Commission (NCDRC), State Commission and District Forum can be easily checked by using the online system introduced on Internet. Consumer Court case status can be checked by using this web application any time anywhere without going to Consumer Courts.

Steps to Check Status of Consumer Complaints in National Commission (NCDRC), State Commission and District Forums.


Step 1 : Hit on the link to open Consumer Complaint status website.

The following following menu will open. The menu will be opened horizontally. But it is displayed here vertically for convenience.


Know your Case Status


 Check Consumer Court case status online

Consumer Court Case Status online


Step 2 : Fill the information asked for in the menu.




Know Your Case Status : Select the Forum from the List. i.e. NCDRC, State Commission or District Forum.


Simple Search

If you know exact case No.

Case No : Enter Case No if you have exact case No


Step 3 : Hit on Search

Case No : Number of your Case

Filing Date : Case Filing Date

Filed in : Where it is filed

Complainant : Name of Complainant

Respondent : Name of Respondent

Next Hearing : Next date of bearing scheduled for

Case Stage : The level of your case

Attached or Lower Court Case (s) : Cases attached it / lower court case

Application (s) Filed : Details of Applications filed


Step 4 : Hit on History & Orders, if you want to see the case history and  orders

Now the case history and orders will be displayed on the screen




Advanced Search

If you don't know the Exact case No.


Step 1 : Enter / Select the following information

From Date : Date from which you want to search

To Date : Date to which you want to search


Select Minimum any one option from the drop down menu

- Case Number

- Complainant

- Respondent

- Advocate - Complainant

- Advocate - Respondent

- Case Type

Select either of the following option

All the above : Select this, if you want to include all the above fields

Either of above : Select this, if you want to include any one field


Step 2 : Hit on Search Button

Now your case status will be displayed on the screen


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