Section 10 - Condition restraining alienation : Transfer of Property Act, 1882



What is the Condition restraining alienation? Section 10 of Transfer of Property Act, 1882

Section 10 of Transfer of Property Act 1882 : "Condition restraining alienation"

10. Where property is transferred subject to a condition or limitation absolutely restraining the transferee or any person claiming under him from parting with or disposing of his interest in the property, the condition or limitation is void, except in the case of a lease where the condition is for the benefit of the lessor or those claiming under him:

Provided that property may be transferred to or for the benefit of a woman (not being a Hindu, Muhammadan or Buddhist), so that she shall not have power during her marriage to transfer or charge the same or her beneficial interest therein.



Section 2 - Repeal of Acts - Saving of certain enactments, incidents, rights, liabilities, etc

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Section 10 - Condition restraining alienation



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