Section 21  Returning officers - Representation of the People Act, 1951

Who are Returning officers? Section 21 of Representation of the People Act, 1951

Section 21 : Returning officers

For every constituency, for every election to fill a seat or seats in the Council of States and for every election by the members of the Legislative Assembly of a State to fill a seat or seats in the Legislative Council of the State, the Election Commission shall, in consultation with the Government of the State, designate or nominate a returning officer who shall be [an officer of Government or of a local authority.


Provided that nothing in this section shall prevent the Election Commission from designating or nominating the same person to be the returning officer for more than one constituency.





The Representation of the People Act 1951

Section 21  Returning officers

Section 22  Assistant returning officers

Section 23  Returning officer to include assistant returning officers performing the functions of the returning officer

Section 24  General duty of the returning officer

Section 25  Provision of polling stations for constituencies

Section 26  Appointment of presiding officers for polling stations

Section 27  General duty of the presiding officer, Section 28 Duties of a polling officer

Section 28A  Returning officer, presiding officer, etc., deemed to be on deputation to Election Commission

Section 29  Special provisions in the case of certain elections


Section 29A  Registration with the Election Commission of associations and bodies as political parties

Section 29B Political parties entitled to accept contribution

Section 29C Declaration of donation received by the political parties

CHAPTER I Nomination of Candidates

Section 30 Appointment of dates for nominations, etc

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