Section 18 - Power of direct discount : RBI Act 1934



What is Power of direct discount? Section 18 of Reserve Bank of India Act 1934

Section 18 of RBI Act 1934 : "Power of direct discount"

When, in the opinion of the Bank a special occasion has arisen making it necessary or expedient that action should be taken under this section for the purposes of regulating credit in the interests of Indian trade, commerce, industry and agricultural, the Bank may, notwithstanding any limitation contained in section 17,-

(1) purchase, sell or discount any bill of exchange or promissory note though such bill or promissory note is not eligible for purchase or discount by the Bank under that section ; or

(2) [Omitted by the Reserve Bank of India (Amendment) Act, 1978, w.e.f. 21-7-1978.]
(3) make loans or advances to-

(a) a State co-operative bank, or


(b) on the recommendation of a State co-operative bank, to a co-operative society registered within the area in which the State co-operative bank operates, or

(c) any other person, repayable on demand or on the expiry of fixed periods, not exceeding ninety days, on such terms and conditions as the Bank may consider to be sufficient.

(2) [Omitted by the Reserve Bank of India (Amendment) Act, 1974.]


RBI ACT 1934

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