Section 12 - Casual vacancies and absences : RBI Act 1934



How to fill Casual vacancies and absences? Section 12 of Reserve Bank of India Act 1934

Section 12 of RBI Act 1934 : "Casual vacancies and absences"

(1) If the Governor or a Deputy Governor by infirmity or otherwise is rendered incapable of executing his duties or is absent on leave or otherwise in circumstances not involving the vacation of his appointment, the Central Government may, after consideration of the recommendations made by the Central Board in this behalf, appoint another person to officiate for him, and such person may, notwithstanding anything contained in clause (d) of sub-section (1) of section 10, be an officer of the Bank.

(2) [Repealed]

(3) Where any causal vacancy in the office of any member of a Local Board occurs, the Central Board may nominate thereto any person recommended by the other members of the Local Board.


(4) Where any casual vacancy occurs in the office of a Director other than the vacancies provided for in sub-section (1) the vacancy shall be filled, by the Central Government.

(5) A person nominated under this section to fill a casual vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired portion of the term of his predecessor.


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