Kochi City Police online FIR Registration. Lodge Complaint online with Cochin Police, Kerala. How to Register FIR through Internet in Kochi. Steps to Register First Information Report online in Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala.



Online FIR Registration with Kochi Police can be done through the website of Kochi City Police, Kerala. To Register Complaint on Internet with Ernakulam Police, you can use the online system introduced by the Kerala Police Department to file First Information Report without going to police stations.


Steps to Register Online Complaint with Kochi City Police



Step 1 : Hit on the link to visit Website of Kochi City Police.

The following following menu will open at the middle of the Website.


Kochi City Police online FIR Registration


Step 2: Hit on the Complaint Register Link


 The following menu will open.


 Kochi Police Register Complaint online


Step 3 : Hit on Complaint Register Link


Kochi City Police online FiR form


Step 4 : Fill the information asked for in the menu.




Personal Details


Fields marked in red * are compulsory


Anonymous : Select if anonymous complaint


Name : Enter Name of Complainant


Gender : Select Male or Female


Age : Enter Age of Complainant


Address 1 & Address 2 : Enter Address of Complainant


Place : Enter Place


Country : Select Country


PIN : Enter PIN Code No


Phone : Enter Telephone No


Mobile : Enter Mobile No


E-Mail : Enter Email ID of Complainant






Title : Enter Title of the Complaint


Complaint : Type the complaint in Detail


Step 4 : Hit on Register Button


Now your complaint is registered with Kochi City Police, Ernakulam, Kerala. You will receive confirmation.


Note : False Complaints are subject to Prosecution under IPC




Kochi City Police Check FIR / Complaint Status online


Steps to check FIR/ Complaint Status Kochi City Police, Kerala


Step 2: Hit on the Link to open Complaint Status Menu


 The following menu will open.

 Kochi Police Register Complaint online


Step 2 : Hit on the link to Complaint Status Link


The following menu will be opened.


Kochi City Police Ernakulam - FIR status online


General Complaint Status

Step 3 : Enter Track ID and Hit on GO


Norka Status

Step 4 : Enter Track ID and Hit on GO

Now your complaint status is displayed on the screen


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