Register FIR Online with Patna Police, Bihar. How to lodge complaint with Patna Police using website of Bihar Police. Complaint filing through internet with Bihar Police. What are the steps for registering FIR online Patna, Bihar.



In Bihar it is easy to register First Information Report online with Bihar Police. There is online system to register FIR for who want to file Complaint through internet.

Complaint can be lodged with the help of web application of Bihar Police any time anywhere without going to police stations.

Steps to register FIR online with Bihar Police



Step 1 : Hit on the link to Visit the Website of Bihar Police. The following menu will open.


 Register FIR online with Patna Police

FIR online Bihar Police


Step 2 : Hit On Post Complaint Button. The following Menu will be opened.

Bihar Post Complaint online

FIR Online Bihar




Step 3 : Fill the information asked for in the menu.

Name of Informant : Enter the Name of Informant

Address of Informant : Enter the Address of Informant

Land Mark : Write Land Mark of Place

Gender : Select Male or Female

Place of Occurrence : Enter the name of place where incident occurred

Nearest Police Station : Select the nearest police station from the list

PIN No: Write PIN Code No

Occurrence Type : Select Occurrence type from the List

Brief of Occurrence : Enter Brief description of the occurrence happened

Mobile No : Enter Mobile No of Complainant

Email ID : Write Email ID of Complainant


Step 4 : Hit on Post Complaint Button

Now your complaint is registered with Patna Police. You will receive e-mail confirmation to your email account.




List of Occurrence Types available on the website of Patna Police

- Arms Act

- Attempt to Murder

- Blackmail

- Burglar

- Chain Snatching

- Cheating

- Communal Riot Act

- Criminal Law Abandonment Act

- Dacoity

- Domestic Violence

- Essential Commodity Act

- Eve Teasing

- Explosive Act

- Extortion

- Fraud

- Immoral Traffic Act

- Indian Foreigners Act

- Kidnapping

- Loot

- Missing

- Murder

- Offence Against State

- Other

- Rape

- Rioting

- Robbery

- Sneaking

- Theft

- Women Cruelty


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