Need to form a new political party with its original soul by AAP founder members

The hijack of AAP by the power hungry members caused disappointment to lacs of genuine volunteers who believed in AAP ideologies. After betrayal of its volunteers, AAP has lost trust in its own founding principles and the constitution and system of Lokpal. It has shattered the hopes and dreams of millions of common people and recent developments in the party created ambiguity in the mind of volunteers who stand for genuine politics. But this is not a conundrum and should be taken in positive sense. In fact the power hungry members of AAP took away the body of AAP. But the soul is with those who stood against all kinds of mismanagement and exploitation. Because of the recent happenings in AAP, the power hungry greenhorn leaders are exposed. Earlier their sweet talks and false advertisements helped them to cheat the public a great extend. Now they are being evaluated as one of the least rated political parties in India. Their ideas are absurd with political insolvency. Their freebies and advertisements may help them to survive for a short period. But a party without foundation, running in the model of a private company cannot survive for long. Sharing of photos of MLA's doing cleaning work, through facebook and twitter will not help them to impress the public. Instead it will show their inefficiency, lack of leadership qualities and management skill.

Those who believe in genuine politics need not be worried. This is a very good chance for a new start with the soul of original AAP. Power and position does not matter for a genuine politician. Now Indian politics badly need a party with original AAP ideologies. If the founder members of AAP comes with a proposal to start a new political party, people of India will definitely welcome it and support them. In fact the strong stand taken by Mr. Shanti Bhushan, Mr. Prashant Bhushan, Mr. Anand Kumar, Mr. Yogendra Yadav, Mr. Jha, Admiral Ram Das and many other senior leaders have only increased the faith of general public in these leaders. Many leaders of other mainstream political parties also have praised these members directly or indirectly. People of India understood that the assessment of Sh. Shanti Bhushan about the AAP CM candidate was absolutely right. Some people may not like straight comments of seniors, but everybody will accept the fact, when it is proved.

Lacs of people have spent their time, money and hard work to form an alternate politics. The first attempt may have failed. But there is nothing for disappointment. We should remember the freedom struggle. It started many years back, there were hindrances, different kinds of problems, but we overcome it. Introducing alternate politics in India is also not easy and just like another freedom struggle. But we have many advantages and resources. There is a pool of talented people with genuine interest, there are various communication devices and there are reputed leaders who have acceptance all over India.

The founder members of AAP should take initiative to introduce alternate politics with original soul of AAP in India. It is not important to form a political party to contest elections. There are many other functions for which a party can stand for. Contesting elections may be an incidental aim, but it should not be the main aim of the new party. Those who have genuine interest to work for the development of the country will stay with the party. Those who want power and position should be kept away. A greedy man cannot be a good leader.

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