Section 61 Proceedings before authority to be judicial proceedings

Section 62 Members and officers of authority to be public servants

Section 63 Jurisdiction of civil courts barred

Section 64 Reference to Authority

Section 65 collectors statement to authority



Section 66 Service of notice by authority

Section 67 Restriction on scope of proceedings

Section 68 Proceedings to be in public

Section 69 Determination of award by authority

Section 70 Form of award

Section 71 Costs

Section 72 Collector may be directed to pay interest on excess compensation

Section 74 Appeal to High Court - The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013

Appeal to High Court - Section 74 of Land Acquisition Act 2013


Appeal to High Court is defined under section 74 of Land Acquisition Act 2013. Provisions under this Section is:

Section 74 of Land Acquisition Act 2013 "Appeal to High Court"

(I) The Requiring Body or any person aggrieved by the Award passed by an Authority under section 69 may file an appeal to the High Court within sixty days from the date of Award:

Provided that the High Court may, if it is satisfied that the appellant was prevented by sufficient cause from filing the appeal within the said period, allow it to be filed within a further period not exceeding sixty days.

(2) Every appeal referred to under sub-section (1) shall be heard as expeditiously as possible and endeavour shall be made to dispose of such appeal within six months from the date on which the appeal is presented to the High Court.

Explanation.-For the purposes of this section. "High Court" means the High Court within the jurisdiction of which the land acquired or proposed to be acquired is situated.


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