Section 36B - Power to exempt : Industrial Disputes Act 1947


What is the Power to exempt? Section 36B of Industrial Disputes Act 1947

Section 36B of Industrial Disputes Act 1947 : "Power to exempt"

36B. Where the appropriate Government is satisfied in relation to any industrial establishment or undertaking or any class of industrial establishments or undertakings carried on by a department of that Govern­ment that adequate provisions exist for the investigation and settlement of industrial disputes in respect of workmen employed in such establishment or undertaking or class of establishments or undertakings, it may, by notification in the Official Gazette, exempt, conditionally or unconditionally such establish­ment or undertaking or class of establishments or undertakings from all or any of the provisions of this Act.



Section 28 - Penalty for giving financial aid to Illegal strikes and lock-outs

Section 29 - Penalty for breach of settlement or award

Section 30 - Penalty for disclosing confidential information

Section 30A - Penalty for closure without notice

Section 31 - Penalty for other offences




Section 32 - Offence by companies, etc

Section 33 - Conditions of service, etc., to remain unchanged under certain circum­stances during pendency of proceedings

Section 33A - Special provision for adjudication as to whether conditions of service, etc., changed during pendency of proceedings

Section 33B - Power to transfer certain proceedings

Section 33C - Recovery of money due from an employer



Section 34 - Cognizance of offences

Section 35 - Protection of persons

Section 36 - Representation of parties

Section 36A - Power to remove difficulties

Section 36B - Power to exempt



Section 37 - Protection of action taken under the Act

Section 38 - Power to make rules

Section 39 - Delegation of powers

Section 40 - Power to amend Schedules

First Schedule - Industries which may be declared to be public utility services under Sub-Clause (VI) of Clause (N) of Section 2

Second Schedule - Matters within the jurisdiction of labour courts

Third Schedule - Matters within the Jurisdiction of Industrial Tribunal

Fourth Schedule - Conditions of Service for change of which notice is to be given

Fifth Schedule - Unfair Labour Practices

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