Maintain your Fitness with 5 Minutes exercise. Advised by a doctor who practiced for 30 years in United States


Health maintenance is a conundrum for those who do not have time to exercise regularly or who are not willing to  spend some time for their fitness; but want to be fit.


One of my Doctor friends who practiced for 30 years in USA and who was in a research team for fitness, have advised a simple daily exercise of 4 to 5 minutes for all those who want to maintain their fitness without much hard work.


The Technique is simple. Walk for 4 to 5 Minutes daily at your maximum speed with maximum force on legs as if you have to push the earth down. Keep the mind empty and do not think about anything else than walk. Initially it is difficult to follow, but gradually you can increase the timing and speed.


For people suffering from obesity or diabetes

Reduce Quantity of food, because more food means more calories, consumption of more calories means increase in diabetes and weight. Drink water before half an hour of your food.

Don't be a lift lover, use steps if you can.



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