IGST Rate Reduced on 10.11.2017



List of Goods for IGST rates reduced by GST Council on 10.11.2017.




S No. Chapter/
Tariff item
Name and Description of Item Present IGST Rate Recommended IGST Rate
1 0402 Skimmed milk powder, or
concentrated milk
[To extend the benefit of
notification No. 30/2017-
Integrated Tax (Rate) dated 22nd
September, 2017 applicable in
relation to milk distributed
through dairy co-operatives to
milk distributed through
companies registered under the
companies Act.]
Exempt from
IGST, subject to
notification No.
Integrated Tax
(Rate) dated 22nd
September, 2017
[On inter-state
2 30 Imported Lifesaving Medicines
for personal use supplied free of
cost by overseas supplier, subject
to conditions that:
i. Drugs and medicines are
supplied free of cost for
free, for personal use,
ii. Certification by the
DGHS of Centre or State
[or an equivalent officer
of the State] that these
medicines are
lifesaving; and
iii. Other specified
conditions to ensure
that the proposed
exemption reaches to
intended patients]
12% / 5% Nil on Import




3 Any Chapter All goods, vessels, ships, rigs
[other than motor vehicles] etc.
imported under lease, subject to
condition that IGST is paid on
such lease amount.
At present, exemption is
available for
i. Imported aircrafts and aircraft
engines under lease;
ii. Imported goods for temporary
period under lease;
iii. Imported Oils rigs and
associated goods under lease
IGST rate
Nil on Import
4 All Goods ATA Carnet System
Expanding the scope of
exemption from IGST, so as to
extend the exemption to:
i. professional equipment
by accredited press
persons who visit India
for covering national /
international events
ii. equipment for
broadcasting of events
(sound and television)
iii. goods imported for sports
purposes and
iv. testing, measurement and
calibration equipment.
subject to existing condition of
re-export of these goods within
specified period and other
import is exempt
Nil on Import
5 Any Chapter Specified goods, including rifles,
pistols, bows, imported by a
sports person of outstanding
eminence, subject to specified
12%,18%, 28% Nil on Imports




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