Section 24 - Vacancies : Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999



How to fill Vacancies? Section 24 of FEMA Act 1999

Section 24 of Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 : "Vacancies"

24. If, for reason other than temporary absence, any vacancy occurs in the office of the Chairperson or a Member, the Central Government shall appoint another person in accordance with the provisions of this Act to fill the vacancy and the proceedings may be continued before the Appellate Tribunal from the stage at which the vacancy is filled.



Section 21 - Qualifications for appointment of Chairperson, Member and Special Director (Appeals)

Section 22 - Term of office

Section 23 - Terms and conditions of service

Section 24 - Vacancies

Section 25 - Resignation and removal



Section 26 - Member to act as Chairperson in certain circumstances

Section 27 - Staff of Appellate Tribunal and Special Director (Appeals)

Section 28 - Procedure and Powers of Appellate Tribunal and Special Director (Appeals)

Section 29 - Distribution of business amongst Benches

Section 30 - Power of Chairperson to transfer cases



Section 31 - Decision to be by majority

Section 32 - Right of appellant to take assistance of legal practitioner or chartered accountant and of Government, to appoint presenting officers

Section 33 - Members, etc. to be public servants

Section 34 - Civil court not to have jurisdiction

Section 35 - Appeal to High Court




Section 36 - Directorate of Enforcement

Section 37 - Power of search, seizure, etc

Section 38 - Empowering other officers


Section 39 - Presumption as to documents in certain cases

Section 40 - Suspension of operation of this Act

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