Section 23 of Delhi Value Added Tax Act 2004 - Effect of de-registration

What is the Effect of de-registration? Section 23 of DVAT Act 2004

Section 23 : Effect of de-registration - Delhi Value Added Tax Act 2004


(1) Every person whose registration is cancelled shall pay in respect of all goods held on the date of cancellation an amount equal to the higher of ?

(a) the tax that would be payable in respect of those goods if the goods were sold at their fair market value on that date; or

(b) the tax credit previously claimed in respect of those goods.

(2) Where the dealer has accounted for turnover on the basis of amounts
received and amounts paid, he shall include in the turnover of his final return -

(a) any amount not yet received in respect of sales made while he was
registered; and

(b) any amount not yet paid in respect of purchases made while he was registered.



Section 21 : Amendment of registration

Section 22 : Cancellation of registration

Section 23 : Effect of de-registration

Section 24 : Registration during transition

Section 25 : Security from certain classes of dealers and other persons

Section 26 : Periodical payment of tax and furnishing of returns

Section 27 : Power to require other returns

Section 28 : Correction of deficiencies

Section 29 : Signing returns

Section 30 : Assessment of tax, interest or penalty



Section 31 : Self assessment

Section 32 : Default assessment of tax payable

Section 33 : Assessment of penalty

Section 34 : Limitation on assessment and re-assessment

Section 35 : Collection of assessed tax and penalties



Section 36 : Manner of payment of tax, penalties and interest

Section 36A : Tax deducted at source

Section 37 : Order of application of payments

Section 38 : Refunds

Section 39 : Power to withhold refund in certain cases

Section 40 : Collection of tax only by registered dealers

Section 40A : Agreement to defeat the intention and application of this Act to be void

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