What is Counselling? What is Assistance of welfare expert? How Proceedings to be held in camera? Section 14, 15 and 16 of The Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act 2005

Counselling, Assistance of welfare expert and Proceedings to be held in camera are defined under section 14, 15 and 16 of Domestic Violence Act 2005. Provisions under these sections are:


Section 14 of Domestic Violence Act "Counselling"

1. The Magistrate may, at any stage of the proceedings under this Act, direct the respondent or the aggrieved person, either singly or jointly, to undergo counselling with any member of a service provider who possess such qualifications and experience in counselling as may be prescribed.

2. Where the Magistrate has issued any direction under sub‑section (1), he shall fix the next date of hearing of the case within a period not exceeding two months.


Section 15 of Domestic Violence Act "Assistance of welfare expert"

In any proceeding under this Act, the Magistrate may secure the services of such person, preferably a woman, whether related to the aggrieved person or not, including a person engaged in promoting family welfare as he thinks fit, for the purpose of assisting him in discharging his functions


Section 16 of Domestic Violence Act "Proceedings to be held in camera"

If the Magistrate considers that the circumstances of the case so warrant, and if either party to the proceedings so desires, he may conduct the proceedings under this Act in camera.

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