What is the Definitions of Municipalities? What is Constitution of Municipalities? What is Composition of Municipalities? Article 243P, 243Q and 243R of Constitution of India, 1949

The Municipalities Definitions, Constitution of Municipalities and Composition of Municipalities are defined under Article 243P, 243Q and 243R of Constitution of India 1949. Provisions under these Articles are:



Article 243P of Constitution of India "The Municipalities Definitions"

In this Part, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(a) 'Committee' means a Committee constituted under article 243S;

(b) 'district' means a district in a State;

(c) 'Metropolitan area' means an area having a population of ten lakhs or more, comprised in one or more districts and consisting of two or more Municipalities or Panchayats or other contiguous areas, specified by the Governor by public notification to be Metropolitan area for the purposes of this Part

(d) 'Municipal area' means the territorial area of a Municipality as is notified by the Governor;

(e) 'Municipality' means an institution of self-government constituted under Article 243Q ;

(f) 'Panchayat' means a Panchayat constituted under Article 243B;

(g) 'population' means the population as ascertained at the last preceding census of which the relevant figures have been published.

Article 243Q of Constitution of India "Constitution of Municipalities"

(1) There shall be constituted in every State,-

(a) a Nagar Panchayat (by whatever name called) for a transitional area, that is to say, an area in transition from a rural area to an urban area.

(b) a Municipal Council for a smaller urban area; and

(c) a Municipal Corporation for a larger urban area, in accordance with the provisions of this Part:

Provided that a Municipality under this clause may not be constituted in such urban area or part thereof as the Governor may, having regard to the size of tile area and the municipal services being provided or proposed to be provided by an industrial establishment in that area and such other factors as he may deem fit, by public notification, specify to be an industrial township.

(2) In this article, 'a transitional area', 'a smaller urban area' or 'a larger urban area' means such area as the Governor may, having regard to the population of the area, the density of the population therein, the revenue generated for local administration, the percentage of employment in non-agricultural activities, the economic importance or such other factors as he may deem fit, specify by public notification for the purposes of this Part.


Article 243R of Constitution of India "Composition of Municipalities"

(1) Save as provided in clause (2), all the seats in a Municipality shall be filled by persons chosen by direct election from the territorial constituencies in the Municipal area and for this purpose each Municipal area shall be divided into territorial constituencies to be known as wards.

(2) The Legislature of a State may, by law, provide-

(a) for the representation in a Municipality of-

(i) persons having special knowledge or experience in Municipal administration;

(ii) the members of the House of the People and the members of the Legislative Assembly of the State representing constituencies which comprise wholly or partly the Municipal area;

(iii) the members of the Council of States and the members of the Legislative Council of the State registered electors within tile Municipal area;

(iv) the Chairpersons of the Committees constituted under clause (5) of article 243S:

Provided that the persons referred to in paragraph (i) shall not have the right to vote in the meetings of the Municipality;

(b) the manner of election of the Chairperson of a Municipality.

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