Section 47 of Advocates Act 1961 - Reciprocity



What is Reciprocity? Section 47 of Advocates Act, 1961

Section 47 : Reciprocity

(1) Where any country, specified by the Central Government in this behalf by notification in the official Gazette, prevents citizens of India from practicing the profession of law or subjects them to unfair discrimination in that country, no subject of any such country shall be entitled to practice the profession of law in India.

(2) Subject to the provisions of sub section (1), the Bar Council of India may prescribe the conditions, if any, subject to which foreign qualification in law obtained by persons other than citizens of India shall be recognized for the purpose of admission as an advocate under this Act.



Section 36 : Disciplinary powers of Bar Council of India

Section 36A : Changes in constitution of disciplinary committee

Section 36B : Disposal of disciplinary proceedings

Section 37 : Appeal to the Bar Council of India

Section 38 : Appeal to the Supreme Court



Section 39 : Application of sections 5 and 12 of Limitation Act, 1963

Section 40 : Stay of order

Section 41 : Alteration in roll of advocates

Section 42 : Powers of disciplinary committee

Section 42A : Powers of Bar Council of India and other committees



Section 43 : Cost of proceedings before a disciplinary committee

Section 44 : Review of orders by disciplinary committee

Section 45 : Penalty for persons illegally practicing in courts and before other authorities



Section 46 - Payment of part of enrolment fees to the Bar Council of India

Section 46A : Financial assistance to State Bar Council

Section 47 : Reciprocity

Section 48 : Indemnity against legal proceedings

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