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What are the documents required for Tourist VISA to Visit Australia? Supporting documents for Australian Tourist Visa.


Australian Tourist Visa Documents

The following documents are to be submitted along with application form No. 1419 to apply for a Tourist Visa to Australia.

Forms for Tourist Visa to Australia

A completed form 1419.

Personal documents
Notarised copy of all pages of current passport, including the bio data page, alterations page and back page of the passport
Certified copies of birth certificates, showing names of both parents.
One recent passport sized photograph (45mm x 35 mm) attached to the front of the application form.




Purpose of Visit to Australia
If the applicant is visiting family and friends provide an invitation from Applicant's inviter in Australia, evidence of Applicant's relationship with the inviter and evidence of Applicant's inviter passport and status in Australia.
If the applicant is going for Applicant's daughter/daughter-in-law pregnancy, then a letter from a medical doctor confirming the condition.
If the applicant is going for a medical emergency then a letter from the hospital/doctor stating the condition of the patient.
If the applicant is going for tourism then details of bookings.
If the applicant is going for a student exchange then a letter stating the arrangements that have been made.
Itinerary giving travel details, accommodation and activities within Australia.

Financial Documents for Australian Tourist Visa
1. Copies of bank statements (personal and business) over a period of time showing a consistent savings history.
2. Copies of documents which show any other funds or assets held.
3. Taxation documents for the last three years
4. If a friend/relative in Australia is paying for Applicant's visit then a Statutory Declaration stating the relative or friend support and evidence of their financial capacity to do so

5. letter of invitation, bank statements and tax documents.
6. It is important to provide evidence of Applicant's own financial status even if Applicant's trip is being funded by a friend or a relative. Applicant's own financial status is a factor we consider in assessing whether Applicant's personal circumstances would encourage you to return to Applicant's home country.


Employment Details
If the applicant is employed

Letter from Applicant's employer stating Applicant's position and salary, length of employment, confirming Applicant's leave of absence and the name and contact details of the person providing the letter.

If the applicant is self-employed and running Applicant's own business

Business registration

If the applicant is retired

Evidence of Applicant's retirement for example a letter from Applicant's employer.

If the applicant is a student

Evidence of Applicant's enrolment such as letter from Applicant's education institute.

Health and Character documents

You may be asked to undergo medical and x-ray examinations

Applicants over 75 years of age and any applicant requesting a stay of 12 months must provide evidence of Overseas Health Insurance.

AusAID student or recipient
A letter of support from the AusAID Minister.

Children younger than 18 years of age
1. Children under 18 must provide a notarised no objection certificate from any non-accompanying parent authorising their travel to Australia along with copies of the parents passports.
Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years.
2. Where children are travelling or staying with non-relatives, provide the full name, nationality and the date of birth of the person the child will be staying or travelling with. A declaration of support signed by the person responsible for that child in Australia.


Form 1257 Undertaking declaration

Apply for Business / Tourist Visa for Australia

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What are the documents required for Business VISA to Visit Australia? Supporting documents for Australian Business Visa

What are the documents required for Tourist VISA to Visit Australia? Supporting documents for Australian Tourist Visa



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