M, N, O, P - Legal terms and its meaning


What is the meaning of Matter?
A general description of a case, legal issue or dispute.

What is Mesne-profits?
Those profits which the person in wrongful possession of such property actually received or might with ordinary diligence have received there from, together with interest on such profits, but shall not include profits due to improvements made by the person in wrongful possession;

What is Miscellaneous Petition or Application?
An application is made during the pendency of the main petition, asking for a direction or an interim order. These include applications for modification or clarification of a court's order, amendment of a petition, impleadment or intervention.

What is Mutatis Mutandis?
The law in a particular situation is said to apply mutatis mutandis in a different situation when it is used with any changes that are necessary in the latter. This means that matters or things are generally the same, but that details such as names, offices etc. are altered when necessary.

What is Nemo?
Nemo means that there is no appearance on behalf of a party to the case.

What is Notification?
Notice, information or announcement published in the official gazette notifying, for instance, the coming into effect of a changed law.

What is Obiter dicta?
Remarks of a judge, which are said by the way and are not directly relevant to the case at hand.

What is Order?
Any oral or written direction given by a Court or any authority which is to be obeyed.

What is Ordinance?
A codified law made, as a temporary measure, by the President of India or the Governor of a State when the Parliament or legislature of a state is not in session. This power is exercised under Articles 123 and 213 of the Constitution.

What is Parens Patriae?
Translated from the Latin as parent of the country, this refers to the role of the State as sovereign and guardian of the citizens. This principle holds that the State must care for those who cannot care for themselves.

Who is Party?
One who files a petition or against whom a petition has been filed.

What is Perjury?
This occurs when a person gives false evidence or false affidavit in a case.

What is Petition?
A written document filed in a court asserting a claim or a right and seeking relief on legal grounds.

What is Pleadings?
A collective noun for all the petitions, affidavits, replies, rejoinders drafted by or on behalf of the parties to a case.

What is Prayer?
The relief(s) asked for in a petition or application.

What is the meaning of Prima facie?
At first sight; on the face of it.

Meaning of Pro bono publico
Translated from the Latin as 'for the public good'. In PIL, this refers to a petitioner acting bonafide in the public interest.

What is Process Fees?
These are fees payable for the costs of informing the opposite party through the registry that a case is listed on a particular day.

What is the meaning of Puisne Judge?
A judge other than the Chief Justice.


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