How to succeed in studies. Study techniques and easy methods to excel in your education. See How I have completed B.Com, MBA (Finance), LL.B, LL.M, DPCA, DFM, PGDFM, PGDIM, ICWAI (Inter-II) and Entrance Tests including of Ph.D etc without attending tuition or coaching classes.

Kuttan, Advocate, Supreme Court

Study Techniques

The Techniques I followed to continue my education.

I have followed simple techniques to complete my school and college studies. Same techniques helped me to continue my education.

Meditation for at least 10 Minutes every day

I have been doing meditation for at least 10 minutes every day. This helps me to keep my mind blank and generate energy. It is not easy to keep our mind blank for 10 minutes. Those who cannot do it can remember the image of your favorite god. Do not think about any other subject, which will divert your attention.


Timing for Studies

Normally I wake up early morning at least at 5 am

Morning time is best for studies. You will get more concentration in the morning. After a good sleep, mind will be fresh and there will not have any disturbance from surrounding also.

I do not study when I am not in a good mood or tired

Avoid studying when you are tired or not in a mood to study. If we study without full concentration, it will spoil your mood and what ever you studied will be vague.

I do not study continuously for long time

Continuous study will result a kind of tiredness and  hesitation to start studying again. If we study continuously for long time, our concentration level will decrease and will feel bored.

I choose to study tough subjects at morning or at comfortable time of my choice

Actually there is no tough subject. It is only a mindset due to resistance from mind to prevent from putting more mental task. Even though, if you feel that any subject is tough, study it only at morning or at your most comfortable time.

How to Study?

Be Attentive in Class Room

Give full attention in class room. If you listen to the lecture of your teacher, you can grasp 50% of the subject. You will also remember the examples in the class room, which can be used later. Do not attend classes only to get attendance and show off and jokes.

Clear doubts from the teacher

If you ask questions to clear your doubts, your teacher will be more happy to know that you are listening to the lectures. Your teacher will explain the subject with more examples.

Do not think about any other activities or thing at the time of studies

You might have experienced many happy or sad feeling in the class room, home or any other place. Do not allow these things to come to your mind while studying.

Write Short Notes

I always write a short note or, note down points while reading the books. At the time of plain reading, we will not get 100% concentration. If we prepare short notes while reading, we will give more attention to the subject. The short note or points can be used later to remember the subject. It is not possible to remember complete text. Your short note will help you to remember the points and details.

Write complex words and its meaning in a book

If you note down complex words and its meaning in a book, you can refer it easily. Otherwise you may forget the words till you read that topic again.

Clear the doubts before moving to other topics

If you have any doubt about the subject, read it again and clear the doubt before moving to other topics.

Remember important points with example or symbol

It is easy to remember the subject, if you correlate it with any example or symbol.

Discuss the subject with friends or classmates

Discussion will help you to remember the subject and catch the points you missed while reading.

Revise the subjects before examination

You might have studied the subject earlier and may be confident of writing the examination without further reading. But revise it again. It will help you to remember the points you missed with or without your knowledge.

Never drop other activities for studies

I never postpone or drop other activities for studies. Every activity in life is important. You can do small adjustments. But do not avoid any other interested or essential activity for studies. You will lose both. Human brain is efficient enough to continue with different activities.

Be confident and a Positive Thinker

No negative thinker is succeed in life. Positive thinkers are the real readers leaders. Even if you fail to understand the subject, try again and again. Finally you will succeed. Even if you loose one examination, it is not the end of your studies or career. Your will get more chance. But put maximum effort at the first instance.

Do not follow the methods of your friends, if it not suits you

Every person is unique in this world. A method suitable for one person may not be suitable for other. So, do not follow the methods being followed by others, if it do not suits you.

Your behavior

Do not depend on advise of people of your age group

Students of your age group may be getting more marks or may be successful than you. But remember their experience, thinking and mental development may be like yours. So take advise from more experienced people.

Don't take your teacher as your enemy

Your teacher might have scolded or punished you. But he or she do not have any enmity on you. You are with the teacher for few months or for a year. The effort of the teacher will definitely be to boost your skill for a better result through which you will be get benefited in future. Does not matter whether you passed or not, your teacher will get full salary and benefit in time. Developing enmity with your teacher is the biggest foolishness. When you join for a service, your boss may be more toughest than your teacher. So try to adjust with everybody.

Don't consider your parents as your enemies

Some parents put extra ordinary pressure on their children for studies. Be positive and tell them that you are making sufficient effort for studies. Studies are for your future and extra ordinary pressure may reduce your confidence level.

Do not take decision on the basis of your friends approach

It is common that students telling their friend that they have not yet started study or they will do it later. Please do not take decision to study on the basis of advise given by your friend. For some people grasping power may be high, others may be making you fool. So, take decision without depending on the advise of your friends.

Use the resources you have and forget about the resources what you do not have

You may not have all resources like your friends. Instead of thinking about the resources which you do not have and wasting time, ensure maximum utilization of resources which you have.

Avoid having jealously and enmity to others

Jealousy and enmity is a decease. Please understand that everybody in this world has different destiny, space, career and a unique life. Enmity and jealousy to others will not help you any way, but it may become the cause of destruction.


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