Inefficiency of Centre and State Governments in India. Identify crocodile tears for poor by the politicians. Anti poor Governments in India is collecting thousands of Crores Rupees for the construction workers, but not spending it. Central Government Revealed in the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India on 13th February 2015.



Governments are collecting construction and accumulating it without spending

Our democracy provides right to every under educated citizen to become a Minister and act as the boss of IAS officers and their staff. These inexperienced un educated ministers will never have knowledge or experience to lead the bureaucrats. Due to this, overall performance of the system remains paralyzed. Those who contest elections to become "Sevak", change their attitude after winning the elections. They may even appoint under graduates and failed candidates as Minister. This is one of the reasons for the slow development and corruption in our country.



In a shocking revelation by the Central Government of India on 13th February 2015 in the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, they proved that they are not working for the poor, but for their enjoyment. As per the revelation, eight states have collected Rs. 4,179 Crores for the benefit of construction workers through construction cess in 3 years. They have spent only Rs. 361 Crores i.e less than 10% of the amount for the benefit of the daily wage earners in the building sector, for whose benefit the cess is levied. Details of amount collected by the states and amount spend are as under:


Details of Amount of construction cess collected by state governments and amount spend

 Rupees in Crores





Total Amount Collected

Amount Spent

% Spent

Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Delhi, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Haryana, Jharkhand & Himachal Pradesh








This information was given by the Central Government in the Supreme Court of India through its affidavit.


Construction cess collected in Delhi and its spending

Story of Delhi is also not different in case of spending construction cess collected by the state. Details are as under


Amount of construction cess collected by state governments and amount spend

 Rupees in Crores

Total Amount Collected by Delhi Government in 3 years

Amount Spent

% Spent




Even though the government claims to have spent approximate 8% of the amount collected for the benefit of construction workers, a detailed study will only reveal that where the fund has gone.

It is also surprising all these details are revealing only after somebody approaching the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India for relief.  We don't know when the so called transparency will come to government departments.

Those who come to power in the name of transparency and development are also silent and experts in making U turns. It is not understandable why these politicians with crocodile tears are coming to power again and again.



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